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Friday, February 26, 2016

That's What We Do

There are somethings that are given to you, somethings you get from experiences, and somethings you are born with, either way, at some point, you realize it. At the point of discovery, you decide what to do with your gift or curse. Well on Saturday, February 20, 2016 I decided what to do with my gift.

I decided to wear it. I don't know how it came to me if I were born with it or if it was given to me and I don't care, I embrace my confidence. I know who I am and Who I belong to. And because I know this, I decided to press the reset button. I cut all of my hair off and started from scratch. I did it out of necessity. I did it out of care.

I needed to do something radical. BB....that's what I named her, my confidence. BB is short for Bad Bitch. BB was scratching at the walls of my soul pleading to be seen. Often she is kept behind the scenes and obscured from public viewing until prompted or warranted. ENOUGH! It was time. It was time to parade her extravagance, I obeyed. 

I had help though, Little Miss and Chocolate Drop, every chance they got, would remind me what I taught them about confidence and wondered what was I doing with mine. I had to take their concerns seriously because both are very strong and take their confidence with such conviction. That's what I taught them, that's what they know. Scared, toiling, craving, hesitantly but willingly, I did obey. I'm so glad I did! People try to assess why I cut my hair. I can see how they try to compute having long thick flowy, full luxuriousness to...well...NOT, which is  amusing to me.

Although I haven't had a single bad comment, I really don't give a damn what people think! I'm liberated! I'm confident. In the words of a wise ALL NATURAL beautiful strong queen...and I quote, "Natural hair don't care on they funky ass!" But if they really want to know, and they do ask, per Psalm 139:13-14 my reply goes like this...."Because that's what Bad Bitches do."